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So I was just kind of playing around with some possible color keys for QFTQ of various backgrounds both with and without characters when one of them kind of stuck out to me, so I decided to do a more finished version of it. Not too sure how I feel about how it came out, mostly cause I just need to get better at drawing grass and foliage and yes I know Ailis's body looks weird here, it's cause of the way her wings are covering her , but at least I got to do another night sky, and that was really fun. Gotta find the good qualities where you can I guess... :'d

I'm thinking of making smaller concept arts like this in the form of comic panels, mostly to practice more backgrounds and environments, as well as exploring my characters a little bit more. These would be like, two or three panels at a time at most, just kind of showing a character acting out a simple premise, but in a way that makes sense for that character. It's just an idea I'm working with to flesh out the story more, since there are quite a few quiet bits between actiony, or important story scenes that I would like to use for worldbuilding in a way that keeps things interesting. 

Ailis is mine
You know what Easter means~
Happy Easter everyone! As promised, I made a little egg-related pic to celebrate! Mollon seems to have hit the jackpot on this most appropriate of days~ 

Easter Egg Thief I haz Egg OMG I has easter egg Spidey Easter Egg Painting 

Mollon is mine

in b4 they're all made of chocolate  
Honu Shell
Here's another transparent piece for my project I'm putting stuff together for! In celebration of Lent being pretty much over, I once again opted to do a Honu pic, this time showing off those snazzy "tattoos" on the back of his shell!

These markings are not actually tattoos per se, but rather a special kind of bio-luminescent algae that clings to turtle shells in Honu's story. The idea I have for it is that the algae grows on turtles' shells as they age, eventually forming patterns reminiscent of different objects or animals, which the turtles view as omens of various things. The algae glows when their turtle "vehicles" are swimming through waters that carry a reliable food source as a signal to other algae in the area. The algae on the center of Honu's back depicts the face of the sea turtle goddess, Kauila, a symbol of wisdom and good fortune. 

Honu is mine

krispykrunchys love 
Transparent Tone
Just playing around with a mix of SAI and Photoshop as a sneak peek for something I wanted to try soon. Haven't done something transparent in awhile, I really need to do more of these! :3

Tone is mine
It's been years since I've actually drawn one of these little guys, so today I finally decided to mess with some colors for it. These critters are from Quest for the Queen, and are just one of a few original species found on the variant of Earth where the story takes place. QFTQ takes place on Earth in an alternate timeline from our own, around the end of what would have been the 1990's. Due to the existence and evolution of dragons and other great beasts in this universe, the development of human civilization is delayed significantly to the point where they have only come about as far as early farmers and nomads.

One species that has come about in response to the existence of dragons is the Karonard, a hyena-like pack animal with mammalian, reptilian, and avian features. These hardy beasts typically live in and around wooded areas, and their packs can number in about as many as 30 individuals. Karonards have eyes capable of making objects in pitch black darkness as visible as if they were in daylight, however this causes their eyes to be extremely sensitive to actual sunlight and as a result, allows them to only hunt exclusively at night. Much like hyenas, Karonards produce a cackling sound to signal to others that rotting meat has been found, which can be heard from about half a mile away from the source. Don't let their cute appearance fool you; Karonards are perhaps best known for ganging up on, overpowering, and preying upon dragons, whether they are wounded, or simply taken by surprise. This is due to the fact that the strongest members of the pack (typically the matriarch and her lieutenants) go immediately for the wings in order to permanently disable a dragon's flight. The concern brought along by potential Karonard attacks causes most dragons to instinctively seek out trees or other high ground as shelter while in forests or wooded swamps, unless they are in a group where each individual can take turns being lookout. Karonards are naturally skittish creatures, and they typically do not attack something they could not easily overpower in seconds, especially if they lose the element of surprise. If their cover has been blown, a good stern snort from a dragon is all that is needed to send an entire 30+ member pack scurrying.

Karonards are mine
Hey everyone, I thought I'd get that horrendously long previous journal off my dash with a signal boost for my awesome friend who has run into a bit of financial trouble recently and has opened up some commission slots. More info about her commissions can be found here:  Spring Commissions 2017 by Kat-vs-Art

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated guys, thanks! 
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Hey guys! My name's Kat and I'm a 2-D animator who happens to have a passion for creating awesome stories and characters as well! I'm always eager to try out new ways to make my stuff pop out even more, and as such, I'm always happy to hear feedback! As you can probably tell if you've browsed my gallery, I am a DIEHARD EPCOT Center fan, and I have a habit of shamelessly posting and favorite spamming EPCOT Center related things here as a result. XD




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