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Quest Complete
So I know it's a little late, but this week I found the time to do some fanart out of hype for Monster Hunter World, which was announced last week at E3. I am incredibly stoked by the gameplay trailer (though admittedly I do wish they had shown a couple more of the aspects of MH games before rather than just new stuff so that potential newcomers could become familiar with the series as a whole, but that's just a nitpick). 

Once I saw this intriguing new monster (now known as the 'Anjanath'), I knew I had to draw him out. He's really interesting with all the retractable parts he has, like his popcorny nose and wings that come out when he's enraged, ect. Overall, a solid monster design!

For those who are unfamiliar with the series, the catlike critters riding him are called a Felyne (the siamese cat looking one) and a Melynx (the black and white), respectively. They are two parts of a race of humanoids known as Lynians, with these two species possessing feline qualities. There are more feral 'wild' varieties, as well as ones that live in and around villages that aid as street cooks, shopkeepers, and assistants in crafting weapons and armor. Some train to become assistants to Hunters, known as Palicoes, while others go the extra mile and train to fight and take down their own monsters; these are known as Prowlers.

These two in particular are my own OC's, their names are Humphrey (Felyne) and Sharq (Melynx). Humphrey is skittish and hesitant, while Sharq is a borderline insane adrenaline junkie. They are wild Lynians and go on their own 'quests' (typically planned out and led by Sharq), which almost always end badly for them as neither of them are trained to hunt. 

Monster Hunter, Anjanath, Felyne, Melynx, and 'Unseen Monster' icon belong to Capcom
Birfday Gathering- Hunted Style
Hey all, I'm back just in time with some super speshul birfday arts for :iconkat-vs-art: ! I thought that since each year I've done a big group pic featuring her four main characters from her story Hunted , I thought I'd change it up this year and invite some villains, tricksters, and overall just not nice people to the party instead! You attract such lovely company~

Master of Ceremonies is Hex, the creator (both directly and indirectly) of everyone else featured here. I feel like each character here can fit the birthday party trope pretty nicely, for example Charles Blitz (the fox demon) would be an expert cake lighter, Pandora would be great at piping those cute little icing flowers onto the cake, and Zephia (fish/dinosaur/demon lady) would be that one chick that hangs out in the back and gossips about everybody else at the party, most likely to Jack who really just came for the cake and is too busy gawking at Hex to pay attention. And Hex would totally be in charge of fun party "games" like Wheel of Torture

Anyway with that out of the way, Happy Birthday :iconkat-vs-art:!!! I really hope you like your present, and I hope you get lots of cake, tacos, and awesome stuff cause you were born today! :eatcake:  Taco Dance  And congratulations on being 7 years old in Disney years! Thanks for always being rad and awesome, bud! *<;3

And for anyone who hasn't already, please go check out :iconkat-vs-art:'s page, Insta, and art blog on Tumblr, her work is fantastic! She's also got commissions open, and if anyone's interested they can check out the info on them here:  Spring Commissions 2017 by Kat-vs-Art 

With all that said, now is tiem for cake! *<8D

Hex, the Symbol of Hex, Charles Blitz, Pandora, Zephia, and Jack belong to :iconkat-vs-art:
Hunted also belongs to :iconkat-vs-art: 
Anybody gotten tired of seeing Ailis's butt yet?  

So this piece in particular is from a rather important part of the story, as this is the destruction of Ailis's home mountain range, an event that leads her to coming across her friends and kick starts their journey to the Mountain. The dragon causing this destruction is a Crossjaw, a species that I talk more about in this deviation:  (So late it's next week already) Lent Dump 6 by katproductions6

This only captures a small bit of the sheer scale of destruction a feral dragon is capable of. It can and will get much </b> worse, and I'm just talking about what one feral dragon can do...

Ailis and the Crossjaw are mine

Apparently I really like drawing clouds  
Jumping into Summer?
Hey all, I'm back after yet another long lull between deviations. I've been a tad busy with work and freelance stuff on the side, and in the meantime I've been feeling a tad unmotivated/uninspired as far as doing anything more than simple sketches as of late. Hopefully with this I'll get back into the swing of updating more regularly~ Hopefully

Also in the meantime, a certain new Pokemon related app has been doing a fantastic job of drawing my attention away from, well, drawing... Magikarp Jump has certainly proved to be quite a bit addicting despite the simplistic art style and premise (I'm already Trainer Rank 33 and the game's only been out for a week, someone please help me). I actually ended up catching this shiny on only the second day of playing the game and proceeded to catch three more over the weekend . With that being said I'm pretty sure it's safe to say that shinies are much easier to come across in this game than they are in the main series games or Pokemon Go. Stupid Arizona, not being a water biome :/  

Anyway this pretty girl's name is Baroness. I've made it a mini tradition of sorts to name all my shiny 'Karps after statuses of nobility. The other three are Empress, Duchess, and Emperor~ :3c

Shiny Magikarp Shiny Magikarp Shiny Magikarp Shiny Magikarp Shiny Magikarp Shiny Magikarp Shiny Magikarp Shiny Magikarp Shiny Magikarp Shiny Magikarp Shiny Magikarp Shiny Magikarp Shiny Magikarp Shiny Magikarp Shiny Magikarp Shiny Magikarp Shiny Magikarp Shiny Magikarp Shiny Magikarp Shiny Magikarp 

Kat is mine 
Magikarp belongs to Gamefreak and the Pokemon Company

I just realized that I screwed up Baroness's belly scales and now it will keep me awake at night forever
I'm honestly surprised I haven't introduced this guy yet, since he's kind of important. 

This is Immitus. Both an impressive figure physically, and a bit of an enigma, as few dragons, if any, know exactly what species he is or how long he's been around, just that he's been around for longer than they can remember. He has lived many years and in those years has traveled the world several times, making him extremely knowledgeable about the landscape. He has also made himself out to be a do-gooder throughout the years, and is quick to rush to the aid of any creature in a sticky situation, dragon or not.

Immitus becomes extremely distressed at the news of the Queen's failing health, and takes it upon himself to help any would-be Queen making the perilous journey, leading the way for short distances to keep them on track toward the Mountain, and educating them about the new environments they find themselves in, showing them where to find food and shelter, as well as introducing them to different food/shelter options they never would have thought of before. His words of encouragement and deep dedication to helping dragons discover their full potential has made him a heroic figure in the eyes of many, and his actions during the Feral Crisis stands as a perfect testament to his good will. 

Immitus is mine
Hey everyone, I thought I'd get that horrendously long previous journal off my dash with a signal boost for my awesome friend who has run into a bit of financial trouble recently and has opened up some commission slots. More info about her commissions can be found here:  Spring Commissions 2017 by Kat-vs-Art

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated guys, thanks! 
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Hey guys! My name's Kat and I'm a 2-D animator who happens to have a passion for creating awesome stories and characters as well! I'm always eager to try out new ways to make my stuff pop out even more, and as such, I'm always happy to hear feedback! As you can probably tell if you've browsed my gallery, I am a DIEHARD EPCOT Center fan, and I have a habit of shamelessly posting and favorite spamming EPCOT Center related things here as a result. XD

Instagram: katproductions6




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