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I've been wanting to do this for awhile now, so here's Verbati with her full wingspan and color pattern on her dorsal side. Eventually I plan on doing a piece showing the wings from her ventral side as well, since that side is drastically different. 

Vularvina dragons like Verbati evolved to have uniquely-shaped wings due to spending so many generations in environments with dense brush and heavy cover. The wings also contain thick webbing, which allows for them to catch large air pockets and ascend almost vertically to high altitudes. Staying high when in the air and low while on the ground allows them to attract as little attention to themselves as possible, allowing them to move around to find different sources of food and shelter in relative safety. 

Also their abnormally-large wing thumbs are a trait designed to intimidate potential threats- the tips resemble serpent heads, and a Vularvina can use them to make themselves look like a three-headed monster when cornered. I'll eventually depict this in practice as well someday :'3

Verbati is mine
Kelpie Depths
I love it when Lenten obligation days coincide with actual holidays! Day56 - Happy Cry 

In the spirit of St. Paddy's Day, here's an obligatory Kelpie pic! I love thinking about this story, especially when it comes to these two characters, and I'm proud to announce that after four years of brainstorming, they FINALLY have names! The male kelpie (pictured here as a hooman since this takes place literally right before his transformation, whoops) is Braden (pronounced Bray-dawn), which is Gaelic for 'salmon'. This is because he is a fisherman by trade and a fish out of water as a kelpie besides the fact that he swims alot in this form :'3

The female kelpie's name is Gale, which means 'foreigner'. This is in regards to the fact that she is what was thought to be a mythical being, as well as an actual foreigner from Scotland, where kelpies originate. Being adventurous at heart, she migrated south to Ireland to escape the confines of the great lochs to explore the seemingly endless ocean surrounding the Emerald Isle. 

Happy St. Patrick's Day everybody! Erin go Bragh! St. Patricks Day Emote - Dressed as a Shamrock... St Patrick's Day 2017 medium emoticon 

looking at this now makes me reeeeally wish I could have had Braden's hat slightly floating away uuuuuuggghhh >:/  
Tone Model Sheet
gonna edit this later cause I had a busy day and I really need to go to bed

Just a little model sheet thingamabob for my kitty griffin character Tone. Hopefully someday soon I'll go back and do a full body turnaround :'3 

kay bedtiiime~

Tone is mine
Not So Good Landing
Not too much to say about this art, just Mollon righting herself on a branch in the early morning hours. I guess sitting on branches can be tough when you have to grip them with four legs :'D

I was really lazy getting this up here, omg I will try not to be like that next week

Mollon is mine
Let the Lent begin~
oooh boy a picture of Kat leaping in front of a purple background oooooh so original

It's that time of the year again! As always, in a bit of a creative spin on the observation of Lent, I will be putting myself through a challenge in which I upload some kind of colored artwork, finished or unfinished, on all of the days of obligation throughout the 40 day period, starting with today, Ash Wednesday. This year I will also be uploading the pics to my Instagram, as well as doing an Easter drawing to round it all out. I look forward to hammering out some art pieces I've been meaning to do! (And hopefully they'll be more creative than this one cause I could not for the life of me draw anything else worth showing today :'d)

Kat is mine

at least I have an excuse this time that purple is like the Lent color and everything *shot*  
Yaaaaay tags! I've gotta do more of these things... Today I just so happened to be tagged by the ever awesome :iconkat-vs-art: (Rudy the sloth a character I haven't introduced yet whoops and :iconswiftyxiii: (Ailis) ! Y'guys are the best! Let's get started! 

1), Post these Rules
2), Post 8 Facts about your OC/Character
3), Tag 8 other OCs/characters
4), Post their names as well as their owners


1.) Rudy is a two-toed sloth who lives in a sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica. Not much is known about his early life, but it can be assumed that he is at the sanctuary due to being an orphan. 

2.) While having a routine checkup with the sanctuary's veterinarian, he was accidentally given a shot with a rather large dose of adrenaline due to a mislabeling (the vet thought it was a vitamin shot). This caused Rudy's heart rate to become slightly faster than that of a human's, which in turn gave him copious amounts of energy, allowing him to move about with speed and agility. 

3.) When at rest, Rudy hangs upside-down from trees/limbs like a normal sloth; while on the move, he swings from branch to branch like a monkey and on the ground, he runs on two legs with his long arms trailing behind him.

4.) Before the adrenaline shot, Rudy was incredibly mellow and zoned out often, but always remained in good spirits. Post-adrenaline, he has gained a hyperactive and spunky personality, and is incredibly loud and zany, especially when punch-drunk, which leads to 5.)

5.) Rudy is only able to go on his loud adrenaline bursts for a few consecutive hours during the day before his body uses it all up and has to recharge. A side effect of the adrenaline is that right before he slows back down, he becomes incredibly obnoxious and erratic in behavior, slurring his speech and laughing at immature things as his energy gradually peters out. When he slows down, he falls asleep-only to spring back awake in a burst of energy once it has returned.

6.) It can be assumed that Rudy goes back to being mellow and zony when he loses his energy, though no one really knows because he usually just falls asleep.

7.) Rudy's best friend and "roommate" is a three-toed sloth named Charlie, who is even more lost in his own world and zoned-out than Rudy is without his adrenaline. He rarely, if ever speaks, but Rudy has grown up so close to him over the years that he can seemingly understand what he is thinking about certain situations even if he hasn't uttered a word. Charlie has an interesting habit of just sort of showing up somewhere when one turns around, even if they had just seen him in a different location a moment before. Because Charlie sits in the same position with the same listless expression all the time, how he is able to accomplish this is a mystery...

8.) Admittedly there's not a whole lot to this story yet, but I've been thinking of having Rudy be like a Flash-type superhero of sorts, where he goes through the Costa Rican jungles saving his fellow sloths from danger with his speed or something along that line. I'm still figuring it out as it goes~ :'3



1.) Like all Oigchait dragons, Ailis only got to know her mother for about two weeks before she was left to thrive on her own in the icy mountains. She remembers her mother as very nurturing, though stern when it came to understanding the necessity of survival skills in her mountain home. 

2.) Because of the incredible amount of isolation Oigchaits go through throughout their lives, Ailis never really learned any real social skills, and was incredibly awkward around the fellow dragons of her group when she first met them. The only thing that kept her determined to stay with them at first was the sheer instinct to get to the Stone, though the same could be said for all four of them (except of course Aterlith and Mollon, who were best friends since hatchlings). 

3.) Besides being incredibly shy, Ailis is also very timid about the world around her, since she was sheltered on a snowy mountain top for so long. She also has a slight fear of larger dragons, which may be due to some residual PTSD from a large Crossjaw dragon having destroyed her home. 

4.) Due to this aversion to large dragons, Ailis is very intimidated by Aterlith at first, and takes the longest to grow close to her out of the four. This aversion isn't helped when Aterlith begins exhibiting feral episodes down the line. She begins to get more comfortable around Aterlith after her own feral episode, after realizing that she is capable of the same kind of destruction as a larger dragon with that power. Over time, understanding each other's struggles with the Feral crisis allows them to grow closer together as friends and clan sisters.

5.) Ailis and Mollon are on friendly terms with one another, and she finds Mollon's high spirits and spunk to be quite inspiring. Being the first dragon Ailis met after her home was destroyed, she often looks to Mollon as a source of light when she is feeling down. While Ailis is very reserved and quiet, Mollon's erratic hijinks and obsession with eggs are quite entertaining to watch, and she somewhat enjoys overhearing Mollon and Aterlith's squabbles over silly things.

6.) Out of the four, Ailis probably reaches out and speaks to Aureia the most, as she asserts herself as very mature and knows the lay of the land. She is also very intrigued by Aureia's unquestioning devotion to anything or anyone she sees as family, and her protective spirit begins to rub off on Ailis toward the climax of their journey. Aureia often aids Ailis in dealing with her insecurity, and Ailis gradually opens up more and more to her newfound friends as a result. 

7.) All dragons have a favorite type of food that they are crazy obsessed with (though most aren't quite as crazy to the degree of Mollon and her 'ehg'), with Ailis's being elk. She enjoys the thought of eating elk venison so much that the mere mention of it sends her salivating gushers. 

8.) Along with all of her social insecurities, Ailis is also not proud of the fact that she is the slowest flyer of the group and has the hardest time taking off due to her thick bones. Aureia alleviates this a little bit by pointing out that while she is slow, she has incredible maneuverability in the air, and can make very complicated aerial maneuvers that the others can't due to their size and speed. 

Whew, that was fun! Okay now for the tags... this is gonna be tricky cause I'm not sure if I know eight people on here, but we'll see... :'3 (and of course you don't have to do this if you don't want to~)

1. :iconkat-vs-art: jACK :3333

2. :iconswiftyxiii: Shiloh! <3

3. :iconfennecfoxgal: I'm not sure which ones you might have but if you want you can make one just for this! XD 

4. :iconstrixmoonwing: Meiya! 

5. :iconaliceapproved: Sunny! 

6. :iconkirafoxx: Sunfox!

7. :iconblankat: kAt

8. :iconidunnoanyoneelsetotagcauseihavenosociallifeandi'mtooawkwardtotagartistsidon'tknowonthissiteeventhoughiwannalearnmoreabouttheircharacters:

(if you can read that i applaud you)  


:iconkat-vs-art: tagged me back with another character I haven't introduced here yet: an elk named Vagabond! I'll be sure to post some artwork of these characters sometime in the near future! 


1.) Vagabond's home range is the Colorado Rockies, and he spends pretty much his entire young life traversing them to get back to his family herd, which he was separated from in a wolf attack when he was a calf. 

2.) The leader of Vagabond's herd is a very rigid individual who stops to aid no one when they fall behind, and he is constantly moving the herd along, regardless of the sick or injured. Those that cannot keep up with the herd are left to die, and he makes sure not a single life is lost in an attempt to save another during an attack. When the herd was attacked by wolves, the herd leader deliberately forced Vagabond's mother to give up her son for lost when the wolves singled him out for prey. Little did she know that by a miracle, he had survived.

3.) When Vagabond was attacked by the wolves, he was almost brought down and killed when the alpha wolf grabbed him by the ear. In a last ditch effort to save himself, the elk calf kicked the wolf in the face, permanently scarring it and forcing the wolf to let go, but a good portion of his ear was torn off in the process. This is how his enemies later recognize him when he grows up. 

4.) Lost and alone in the unforgiving wilderness, Vagabond had to learn to live off the land, and faced adversity at every turn. Unwilling to give himself up to predation and the elements, he became a fighter; training himself by breaking tree stumps with his hooves and headbutts, and living on a steadfast diet of twigs, pine needles, and a secret source of nutrition he found that was previously unknown to elk: moss.

5.) While his torn ear caused him much pain early on (which he numbed by sticking his head in the snow), he grew up proud of it, he saw it as a testament to his ability to survive no matter what, and considers it his first battle scar.

6.) Despite growing into a bull elk in his prime throughout the story, he still retained the instinct to yearn for his mother from childhood. His primary motivation for finding his herd is to be with his mother once again. 

7.) Due to his "training", Vagabond grows into a devastating fighter, taking on an onslaught of predators, such as mountain lions and bears. His main goal in his ability to fight is to eventually be able to take on several enemies at once, namely to settle the score with the wolf pack that doomed him to the wilderness.

8.) Vagabond hates wolves with a flaming passion, and just hearing howls in the distance is enough to send him into a fit of fury that on really bad days can cost the lives of several small trees. 

Oh boy these are fun! I hope to do more! 


Yaaaaaaaay :iconfennecfoxgal: tagged me back with either Nivek or Julien, but I honestly can't pick between the two so Imma do BOTH~ 8}


1.) It's been mentioned before, but the obvious thing to point out about Nivek is that his fur is a rare mutation for Oigchaits, being a dark brown color instead of snowy white as it should be. This greatly hampers his ability to hunt, as Oigchaits rely on their light coloration to 'disappear' in the snow when hunting. 

2.) Over time, Nivek has developed his own rather unorthodox method of hunting where he waits under the snow in ambush and pops out to grab whatever happens to be walking by. Even with this tactic, his hunting skills are still mediocre at best. (Lord knows how many dragons he must have grabbed by accident...)

3.) Nivek mostly just relies on his clan brother Clavixcor to do most of the hunting. Oigchaits don't typically seek out other dragons for company, but since Nivek literally relies on Clav for his survival, he has long shed his instinctual shyness. He is much more social as a result, and is quick to greet new dragons in the area, something that takes Ailis very much by surprise. 

4.) Nivek and Clavixcor have lived together since they were very young, soon after Clav's mother had been killed. They see each other as brothers, and rely on each other for food and protection. Nivek's hunting skills may be subpar at best, but he is quite strong physically, and can easily hold his own in fights or when there is danger about. 

5.) Due to being slightly smaller than Ailis, he is able to get off the ground faster than she can, and flies slightly faster. 

6.) He is terrified of spiders, to the point where even crabs freak him out due to the similarity.

7.) While very outgoing and friendly, Nivek is definitely the more chill of the two 'brothers'. He's always there to tone things down a notch whenever Clav flies off the handle, and can become very stern and serious when he needs to be. He takes things that concern him very seriously, and expects others around him to do the same, especially when it concerns them too.

8.) Nivek's favorite food is rabbit, but he very rarely gets to eat it due to his poor reflexes and slow speed; by the time he notices a rabbit above him and pops out of the snow, it's already gone. Clav is pretty good at outmaneuvering rabbits, but doesn't often hunt them due to them being too small to share.


1.) Julien feels incredibly comfortable on the dance floor, and loves socializing with the other bats. His main kryptonite however, is girls.... His brain simply cannot process whenever a girl is speaking to him, and he becomes anxious to the point of nausea whenever one asks him to dance...

2.) This is actually due to an incident with a girl he had a crush on back in NightSchool. He froze up while confessing to her and ended up humiliating her in front of everyone. Needless to say the feelings weren't reciprocated~

3.) As a child, Julien was very nerdy, and the first music he liked to dance to was really bad 80's music. It's no wonder he was so awkward around girls-they never spoke to him.

4.) He is a Grey Long-Eared Bat, and his diet consists of insects and fruit. His favorites are mangoes and cockroaches.

5.) Julien's default bowtie is a black moth, but for special occasions he'll wear moths whose wing colors correspond with what's being celebrated. (i.e. orange and black wings for Halloween, etc.)

6.) His trademark fedora was passed down to him from his father, who in turn received it from his grandfather. He adores it immensely and takes it with him everywhere, even when he isn't planning on wearing it that day.

7.) Even as an adult, 80's music is his guilty pleasure. He is also an avid fan of Walk the Moon~

8.) There has been at least one incident of Julien actually fainting in the middle of the dance floor due to a girl asking to dance with him. He has been a hopeless case for most of his life, but all that changes when a certain vampire bat comes along and turns things around~ 

Keep 'em coming guys, these things are crazy fun!!!
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