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I'm honestly surprised I haven't introduced this guy yet, since he's kind of important. 

This is Immitus. Both an impressive figure physically, and a bit of an enigma, as few dragons, if any, know exactly what species he is or how long he's been around, just that he's been around for longer than they can remember. He has lived many years and in those years has traveled the world several times, making him extremely knowledgeable about the landscape. He has also made himself out to be a do-gooder throughout the years, and is quick to rush to the aid of any creature in a sticky situation, dragon or not.

Immitus becomes extremely distressed at the news of the Queen's failing health, and takes it upon himself to help any would-be Queen making the perilous journey, leading the way for short distances to keep them on track toward the Mountain, and educating them about the new environments they find themselves in, showing them where to find food and shelter, as well as introducing them to different food/shelter options they never would have thought of before. His words of encouragement and deep dedication to helping dragons discover their full potential has made him a heroic figure in the eyes of many, and his actions during the Feral Crisis stands as a perfect testament to his good will. 

Immitus is mine
Rain is a Good Thing
Two night sky pics in a row omg...  

So today begins one of my favorite little art traditions- the birthday giftarts for my closest friends! Today is my good friend :iconstrixmoonwing:'s birthday, so once again I did an Aureia piece to celebrate! 

As with most things in nature, rain is welcome among dragons, as it provides fresh drinking water, and a cleansing shower that gently washes away any dust and grime that builds up on their scales/fur/feathers over time. Most dragons, especially warm-blooded ones like Aureia are very good at maintaining body heat so that in the event of a night shower like this one, they can keep warm until the sun rises to dry them off. When Lanathairs get wet, the water soaks into the wool and weighs it down, so after bathing they will roll around on the ground to wring themselves out like a sponge.

Happy Birthday Strixy!!! I hope all is going well where you are and that you have the cakiest birthday every! Have a great one girl! Birthday cake  icon Super Fantastic Golden Platter Cake 3D KimRaiFan's Bday Cake birthday cake Fun cake Cake for Shifteh Cake Icon Pink bouncing cake Cake Icon 6, Pink Roses kawaii cake Cake Icon 2, Strawberry :happy birthday: 

Aureia is mine

Hey Strix can you guess what the title of this piece is named after? :3c
So I was just kind of playing around with some possible color keys for QFTQ of various backgrounds both with and without characters when one of them kind of stuck out to me, so I decided to do a more finished version of it. Not too sure how I feel about how it came out, mostly cause I just need to get better at drawing grass and foliage and yes I know Ailis's body looks weird here, it's cause of the way her wings are covering her , but at least I got to do another night sky, and that was really fun. Gotta find the good qualities where you can I guess... :'d

I'm thinking of making smaller concept arts like this in the form of comic panels, mostly to practice more backgrounds and environments, as well as exploring my characters a little bit more. These would be like, two or three panels at a time at most, just kind of showing a character acting out a simple premise, but in a way that makes sense for that character. It's just an idea I'm working with to flesh out the story more, since there are quite a few quiet bits between actiony, or important story scenes that I would like to use for worldbuilding in a way that keeps things interesting. 

Ailis is mine
You know what Easter means~
Happy Easter everyone! As promised, I made a little egg-related pic to celebrate! Mollon seems to have hit the jackpot on this most appropriate of days~ 

Easter Egg Thief I haz Egg OMG I has easter egg Spidey Easter Egg Painting 

Mollon is mine

in b4 they're all made of chocolate  
Honu Shell
Here's another transparent piece for my project I'm putting stuff together for! In celebration of Lent being pretty much over, I once again opted to do a Honu pic, this time showing off those snazzy "tattoos" on the back of his shell!

These markings are not actually tattoos per se, but rather a special kind of bio-luminescent algae that clings to turtle shells in Honu's story. The idea I have for it is that the algae grows on turtles' shells as they age, eventually forming patterns reminiscent of different objects or animals, which the turtles view as omens of various things. The algae glows when their turtle "vehicles" are swimming through waters that carry a reliable food source as a signal to other algae in the area. The algae on the center of Honu's back depicts the face of the sea turtle goddess, Kauila, a symbol of wisdom and good fortune. 

Honu is mine

krispykrunchys love 
Hey everyone, I thought I'd get that horrendously long previous journal off my dash with a signal boost for my awesome friend who has run into a bit of financial trouble recently and has opened up some commission slots. More info about her commissions can be found here:  Spring Commissions 2017 by Kat-vs-Art

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated guys, thanks! 
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